SDSN Belgium

About us

Our priorities

  • Sustainable chemistry
  • Sustainable energy
  • Climate Action
  • Education for all
  • Translation of SDGs into organizational processes

SDSN Belgium seeks for enhanced collaboration in the field of education, research, valorisation and services and aims to make sustainability activities more visible.

SDSN Belgium has an interdisciplinary approach to shaping sustainable solution initiatives which are relevant in a local context and at a global scale. We seek for active cooperation between industry, academia, organizations and policy makers. A wide variety of solutions are aimed at. Some examples of our expertise:

  • Technology: air purification, sustainable energy solutions, water treatment, bio-based economy, environmental cleantech, circular economy
  • Environment: nature-based solutions, river and coastal management, ecology, ecosystem services, ecological toxicology
  • Society and economy: transformative process, business models, acceptance of solutions, governance, capacity building
  • Education:  education for innovation and innovating education for SDG implementation

Our objectives

  1. We are a Network for sustainable development solutions in education, research, industry & valorisation. SDSN Belgium  serves as a catalyst for evidence-based best practices in education, research, industry & valorisation.
  2. SDSN Belgium raises  awareness about the SDGs and helps to “localize” the goals through multi-stakeholder workshops, policy publications and the development of appropriate tools such as locally relevant SDG Indexes, the SDG Barometer,…
  3. We teach on sustainable development, including through the SDG Academy
  4. We support the preparation of long-term pathways for sustainable development, such as FABLE.
  5. We vet and launch Practical Solution Initiatives such novel technologies, tools/method, business models, institutional mechanisms, educational models, policy instruments or a combination thereof that can accelerate progress towards sustainable development. Our initiatives address a well-defined problem, and are demonstrable, scalable, and have the potential for a transformative impact on sustainable development.
  6. SDSN Belgium is a partner for support and guidance to policy makers in Belgium, at European level and globally. SDSN Belgium is an accelerator of science-policy-industry dialogue.