Join SDSN Belgium

Participation in SDSN Belgium is open to universities, university colleges, research institutes, civil society organizations, science-oriented foundations, knowledge-sector and cultural organizations and other institutions that have deep expertise in one or more areas related to sustainable development, and who commit a substantial amount of their own technical and research work towards finding and/or implementing solutions for sustainable development. Universities or university colleges can join at the level of the university or an individual department/institute. If several departments or institutes at a university are interested in joining the SDSN appropriate arrangements will be worked out on a case-by-case basis.

To become a member of SDSN Belgium, fill out the membership form available on the global SDSN website. Upon review, the Executive Committee of the global SDSN would approve membership of the institutions meeting membership criteria on a quarterly basis.

Members of SDSN Belgium join both SDSN Global and SDSN Belgium once their membership is approved. Members have the opportunity to provide input on the direction and activities of SDSN Belgium through participation in conferences, workshops and other events.

There are no costs associated with membership in the SDSN. Any institution interested in joining the SDSN is invited to apply online. The Executive Committee of the SDSN Leadership Council appoints organizations to join.

Businesses are invited to contribute to the work of SDSN Belgium, particularly in the design and implementation of Solution Initiatives. The SDSN focuses exclusively on non-commercial activities.

SDSN Belgium will leverage the knowledge and expertise of existing SDSN members that are relevant to the work programs of the network. SDSN Belgium is proactive in garnering new members that serve to enrich both the SDSN Belgium network and the Global SDSN network.

For more information please contact the network manager.

SDSN Global, which has its own Leadership Council and Secretariat, approves membership in SDSN Belgium and promotes integrated approaches toward global achievement of the SDGs between national and regional SDSN networks.